Nitro Cold Brew — Latte x 12

Nitro Cold Brew — Latte x 12


Cascading coffee and oat m*lk.
No dairy, no added sugar.
Brewed in East London.
12 x 200ml

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Lenny, 38

Drinks double-shot oat milk piccolos. Lenny has never owned a car, a TV, or a credit card. He lives near the beach. Currently unemployed by choice. He plays keys, and many years back landed a job as a roadie for Rick Wakeman. When he was with Rick he once met Roy Orbison. He tells people Roy Orbison smells of sandalwood and bubblegum. When Lenny was on the road, his brother died. Lenny still wears his brothers diamond stud in his ear. Contented, Lenny suffers life well. Finding trinkets and joy in life’s tiny details. He innovates and creates. Lenny’s always smilin’.